Ack! Poison Ivy!

Trash Island in Powerline Hill ravine.

Trash Island in Powerline Hill ravine.

Two days ago, I went to Northwest District Park with some other homeschool families. We took a trail through the tiny forest there. It was just the kids, but my friend Owen directed us away from the poison ivy. Or so I thought. My hypothesis on how I came down with a bad case of poison ivy: I grabbed a bare vine for stability. Vines are the part of poison ivy that contain the most oil, and if the vine is leafless , it is nearly impossible to tell that it’s poison ivy. The poison ivy is worst on my feet and lower legs, and I suspect that the rash is most severe there because I wore socks when I went to sleep, therefore trapping the oils from my hands in the socks when I put them on and holding them there all night. The next morning, I woke up with itchy feet. Violet, Mom, and I did another trash haul, collecting three bags of trash. A damselfly landed on me, and me and Violet fed the pond striders and the baby fish some of our snack.Last night, I actually was scratching in my sleep and because of that, I couldn’t sleep. I also found out that I am allergic to poison ivy. It makes my hands and feet swell, making me have to wear cold washcloths around the swollen areas. Today, I am feeling a tiny bit better. Moral of the story: Never touch poison ivy again.  P.S. In case you were wondering, The insect captioned “Clementine” in the Canyon Lake Gorge post turned out to be a black-and -yellow lichen moth .


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